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  • Recent advances in methodologies for Internet-based research3 include the development and evaluation of visual analogue scales for use in Internet-based questionnaires.1

    The visual analogue scale or visual analog scale (VAS) is a psychometric response scale which can be used in questionnaires. It is a measurement instrument for subjective characteristics or attitudes that cannot be directly measured. When responding to a VAS item, respondents specify their level of agreement to a statement by indicating a position along a continuous line between two end-points. This continuous (or "analogue") aspect of the scale differentiates it from discrete scales such as the Likert scale. There is evidence showing that visual analogue scales have superior metrical characteristics than discrete scales, thus a wider range of statistical methods can be applied to the measurements.1

  • The Compuload Analogue Dial Scale is a cost effective means of safely weighing your goods prior to loading trucks as well as checking incoming goods. Analogue scales assist in the prevention of overloading equipment and transport, therefore reducing your risk of overloading fines.

    In this article we have described the flexible use of visual/verbal analogue scales in the dental surgery. It takes very little time to describe to the patient and seconds to use as a monitoring device during treatment. If used to address the individual's problems (fear/worry, fear of pain, fear of betrayal or lack of trust, poor self-esteem and few positive coping strategies) that should have been identified during history taking, the result is a far more accurate understanding of the patient's perceptions by the dentist. In addition, the patient should feel better understood, less vulnerable and more cared for.

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    decrease the offset of the slider
    I need to create a visual analogue scale, like this one: a line with no other informations than the 0 and 100, the respondent has to choose a position in that scale.
    I tried to use the slide question type (341) and insert 100 scale options. Then I unchecked the "show scale options" and "show scale lines".
    It seems to work, but I have a problem: I need the slider be selectable in all his length (without any "offset"), instead there is always left and right margins, even if the offsetg is 0. How could I cut these margins?

    Other thing, I would like to insert a different pointer, a smaller one. Which file should I replace?

    I can understand html and css code, but I need a hint on where to search and edit these informations.

    Thank you

    The case series comprised 19 male patients ranging in age from 31 to 71 years presenting with facet joint syndrome and treated with autologous ADRCs prepared at point of care through InGeneron’s proprietary technology. Patients reported a significant average pain decrease from 7.2 to 1.8 on a Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) and an Oswestry Disability Index (ODI) reduction from 74.3% to 19.1%. Over the average follow-up period of 13.2 months post treatment, patients reported continued pain reduction, and no adverse events occured, demonstrating good overall safety and tolerability.

Visual Analogue Scales Brian Tiplady 21st July 2008

Thomeé R., Grimby G., Wright B.D., Linacre J.M. (1995) Raschanalysis of Visual Analog Scale measurements before and aftertreatment of patellofemoral pain syndrome in women. ScandinavianJournal of Rehabilitation Medicine 27, 145-151.