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  • It's time to make a New Year's resolution to lose a few pounds, well, maybe more than a few. From previous experience I know my best dieting results happen when I have to face a bathroom scale every morning. I have a talking scale, but I figured this would be an excellent opportunity to try out a few of the new Bluetooth-connected scales. I was able to obtain samples of two models, the Wahoo Balance Smartphone Scale and the Lose It! Healthometer Bluetooth Scale. At least for now each of these devices is iOS only (they use Bluetooth 4/Bluetooth Smart for wireless communication; as yet not all Android devices support this standard). I tested both scales with an iPhone 5, but they will also work with the iPhone 4S, iPad 3 and up, the iPad Mini, and the iPod touch 5G.

    The Lose It! app I can wholeheartedly recommend. However, even with the valuable extra data this scale provides, I can only give the Lose It! Healthometer Bluetooth Scale a qualified recommendation. High-partial vision individuals and blind people with sighted help will fare best with this scale. Others who don't mind occasional frustration may also consider giving this scale a try, assuming you confirm an adequate return policy. I would not recommend this scale to blind couples who both wish to track their weight. The scale does accept multiple profiles, but I suspect the complications involved in trying to time that final tap to accept a listed profile would be maddening, at best.

  • Scale display first. 4. User will need to Select Lose It! Health o meter Bluetooth Scale first before 3. The Scale can hold up to 4 users. The Scale will prompt you to select the Select Disconnect Scale user.

The scale that's also a weight loss program.