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Salter Brecknell 311 11-lb.Weight-Only Scale, 11-lb x 0.1 oz. capacity, 5-3/4 dia. Platform

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  • The load capacity of a Salter Brecknell postage scale depends on the model is being used, since the company has several postage scale models. The Salter Brecknell model 311 postage scale has a capacity of 11 pounds and weighs items in 0.1 increments.

    Salter Brecknell scales offer weighing capacities from a fraction of a gram up to 2000 pounds. PS1000 livestock scale is perfect for weighing farm animals or domestic pets while the CS1000 crane scale offers a low cost alternative to some other brand hoist scales. If you are a veterinarian then check out the VD1000 scale. Salter Brecknell's C3255-60 is a fully functional checkweighing scale built with a stainless steel construction that is wipe-down environment friendly and legal for trade.

  • The Salter Brecknell GP250 Digital Bench Scale has a weight capacity of 250 pounds and is precise to .5 pounds. This digital scale comes in the color black and operates off of either an AC adpator or a 9 volt battery! You can choose which one is best for your use. Just in case something were to come up regarding the functionanlity of your scale this Salter Brecknell scale comes with a great 1 year warranty! No need for worries there! If you are someone on the go then this is definitely the scale for you because it comes with an attached handle allowing for easy carrying! Not only is it transportable but it also has a well-lit display screen so you can read your results with ease anywhere. A great and useful feature that this scale posses is the "weight-hold" button. If your package is too large and covers the screen, you can lock the weight into the scale and remove your package to view the accurate weight! What more could you ask for in a scale? One final fun feature this scale has is the auto shut off mechanism! Do not worry about wasting power, because this scale knows when to save battery life! Add the GP250 to your scale family today!

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    More than 200 years ago Richard and William Salter created the first spring balance. In doing so they have founded one of the most respected names in the weighing industries, "SALTER". Salter has remained a leader in the weighing industry throughout the years, and will continue to bring you top of the line products with the latest technology available.

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